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photodeco+Lets decorate photo

2.62 usd

☆photodeco+☆Decorate your photographs with a huge variety of "Kawaii" stamps, frames and useful image effects.
• More than 140 stamps!• More than 100 frames!• More than 30 image effects!• Useful editing tools such as drawing pen and handwriting typography!• Upload photos to your favorite social media services such as Twitter, Facebook andmixi!,
photodeco+ is available in English, Chinese, Korean and Japanese.
★Notes★・When starting the app for the first time, please make sure you have a good and stable internet connection.・Downloading may take a few minutes.・Please do not disconnect your device during this time.
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photodeco+, a photo app for taking, decorating, and sharing Kawaii photographs. Create Kawaii and cool photographs with a huge variety of specially designed Kawaii stamps, frames, and useful image effects.
With photodeco+, you can easily make your photographs Kawaii and special.
1. Select a photo or take a photo2. Decorate a photo with stamps, frames, image effects. More will be added frequently3. Make drawing and put handwriting typography on a photograph to make more special 4. photodeco+ offers cropping and fabrication tools.5. Save and share your photograph with your friends(Twitter, Facebook, mixi, RenRen)
Photographs of your loved ones, your friends, your favorite makeup, clothes and shoes, your dog, your favorite sweets, and favorite moments of everyday become special and memorable with photodeco+.
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